Artificial Intelligence

Essential Smart Wearable Technology offers Smart wearables, Smart Textile technology Smart wearable electronic devices with micro nanno technology sensors and antiviral solutions that are worn close to and on the surface of the skin, where they detect, analyze, and transmit information concerning vital body signals and ambient data and which allow in some cases immediate biofeedback to the wearer proactively and simultaneously.

Essential Smart Wearable Technology devices such as activity trackers are an example of the Internet of Things (IoT)since things such as electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity are effectors that enable objects to exchange data including data quality through the internet with a manufacturer, operator, and other connected devices, without requiring human intervention.

Essential Smart Wearable Technology has a variety of applications which grows as the field itself expands. It appears prominently in consumer electronics with vital sign activity trackers. Apart from commercial uses, wearable technology is being incorporated into navigation systems, advanced textiles, and healthcare.

Essential Smart Wearable Technology offers Antiviral Protection on Smart Textile which includes Antimicrobial and Antiviral Textile Products both Textiles are woven and non-woven produced by natural and/or synthetic fibers. Textile materials have a wide array of usage in areas such as clothing, food industry, building material, automotive industry, military, medical industry, sports equipment, agriculture, and home.

Microorganisms and viral agents such as Covid 19, mold, yeast and bacteria can be found on all known surfaces.

Some of such microorganisms and agents are primary or opportunistic pathogens that cause infectious diseases on humans, animals and plants. For the epidemic and pandemics to be taken under control in the future, antimicrobial and antiviral (hygienic) properties are added or use in our daily lives textile products with smart textile solutions.

Essential Smart Wearable Technology with its partner Bi7TECH and INFINITECH offers Antimicrobial and antiviral formulations that are plant, human and environmentally friendly have been developed by Yeditepe University for the production for Smart Textiles with Boron compounds. The main features of the produced hygienic products or surfaces are not toxic or allergic on human beings and provides Antiviral Protection on Smart Textile.

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