Essential Intelligence specialized in Artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

Essential Intelligence specialized in Artificial intelligence. Partnering with best in class Artificial Intelligence Technology companies in global scale.

  • First AI to leverage pyschology for understanding humans

  • AI powered algorithmic platform that translates mobile metrics into human understanding

  • Redefining the future of AI by embedding the personality dimension into human-machine interaction accelerating performance

INFI @ EmpathAI™ is an AI-powered algorithmic platform designed as a deep-learning network that analyzes mobile usage patterns and converts them into code by applying mathematical formulas.

These mobile metrics are correlated with personality traits by integrating psychological models translated into AI algorithms.

INFI @ EmpathAI™ 's scalable and highly flexible platform utilizes machine learning methods and big data analysis, and is used in numerous verticals and use-cases as a personality - assessment tool for evaluating credit applicants, customer preferences, patients’ mental health and more.


Essential Solutions specilized in 3 main key areas with utilisation of Artificial Intelligence with collaboration of global AI partners.


Essential AI Solutions for finance is adding a new dimension of personality-driven data to traditional KYC and investment due diligence procedures, which provides an unmatched understanding of clients. These datasets, generated by an automated assessment process, are embedded into assessment models, which increases credit scoring accuracy and efficiency with the collaboration of INFI@EmpathAI™

The Result:

  • Credit business growth by reducing rejection rates while minimizing default rates
  • Increased customer engagement over digital platforms by tailoring empathic interactions that motivates loyalty
  • Optimized investment suitability by leveraging real-time investor risk-profile assessments
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