Essential Executive is the platform with strong partnership with International Cooperation Platform ICP - UIP with 80 Country participation which includes political, economic and cultural accumulations that provide global gains in the direction of national and international interests and common ideals.

Essential Executive offers tailor made solutions for the clients in below areas;

Artificial Intelligence
  • By bringing together the regional investors, entrepreneurs and politicians aiming to implement various projects and by doing so this organization is to contribute to the execution of emerging markets regional economy and trade diplomacy.

  • Regional Cooperation Opportunities bringing together the region’s major political and economic representatives, create awareness and contribute to the commercial success of the conversion of potential collaborations.

  • Enhance proactive multilateral and inter-disciplinary cooperation,

  • Stimulate a new level of global cooperation,

  • Generate result-based dialogues and fostering numerous public and private partnerships,

  • Create reciprocal economic dependencies for stability,

  • Offer a space for discussion among decision-makers and leaders in politics, business, education, arts, media, philanthropy,profit and non-profit organizations, NGO’s and the social arena in order to act a part in shaping the global agenda.

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